Hours of Operation

Yes, we operate 7 days a week! Rats don't take days off.

MONDAY 7am - 8pm
TUESDAY 7am - 8pm
WEDNESDAY 7am - 8pm
THURSDAY 7am - 8pm
FRIDAY 7am - 8pm
SATURDAY 8am - 7pm
SUNDAY 10am - 6pm
Sighting of wild animals in their natural habitat can be an exciting story to share with your friends. However, as urbanization encroaches on the wild, people in the community will commonly run into conflict with them. Having dead animals in your yard would be one of the most challenging scenarios that you can face. Luckily, we will be there to support you all the way. When protecting your home, do not let the presence of the dead animal discourage you. We have people who have been delivering excellent services for more than a decade. Our technicians have been trained in providing an all-inclusive dead animal service. We will start by conducting a thorough examination of your property. We will not just focus on the area where the dead body is found; we aim to determine the root cause of your problem. It will also help us to devise a personalized solution for your situation. We are honest with our work; we will make sure to address only the existing issues. We will take photos of the damaged part, making it easy for you to understand the severity of your case. We will also handle the disposal of the dead body according to the state's standards.